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Dr. Rath's VitaKids™ 120 tablets

Dr. Rath's VitaKids™ 120 tablets
Brand: Dr. Rath Health Programs
Product Code: Dr. Rath Program
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Cellular nutrient chewable tablets for all those who plan on doing something big!

A balanced diet and supply of cellular nutrients is an important basis for a healthy development, vitality and well-being from childhood right through to advanced age. Fruits and vegetables are part of a balanced diet and important suppliers of cellular nutrients. They should be consumed daily, i.e. as a snack between meals, by people of all ages.

Supplementing the diet with selected cellular nutrients can be useful if requirements are increased or if their supply from the diet is insufficient. In certain life situations or life stages, i.e. during a child’s development and growth, in situations of stress or when taking physical exercise, our requirements for nutrients can be increased. An insufficient nutrient supply can be the result of an unbalanced diet which is poor in vitamins, minerals and other cellular nutrients.

Containing many important vitamins, minerals and other natural substances, Dr. Rath VitaKids™ significantly contributes to a balanced supply of cellular nutrients.

Dr. Rath VitaKids™  contains selected cellular nutrients for daily nutritional supplementation. The cellular nutrients selected for Dr. Rath VitaKids™  are based on the well-proven basic formula Vitacor Plus™  and comprise a multitude of ingredients combined according to the principle of nutrient synergy (individual cellular nutrients working together).

Dr. Rath VitaKids™ is a cellular nutrient formula that can easily be chewed. This formula is therefore ideal for supplementing the diets of young people and an excellent way for people who have swallowing difficulties to take cellular nutrients.

Dr. Rath VitaKids™ is free from artificial sweeteners. Dr. Rath VitaKids™ contains fructose and natural cocoa contents for a special flavouring.

Recommended dose (examples):

4 – 6 years:
2 chewable tablets daily, at mealtimes

7 – 12 years:
4 chewable tablets daily, at mealtimes


120 chewable tablets per jar

Active ingredients in one tablet of Dr. Rath VitaKids™

Vitamin C 36,5 mg
Vitamin E 7,27 mg
Vitamin A (Beta Carotine) 39,6 mcgRE
Vitamin B1 0,58 mg
Vitamin B2 0,58 mg
Vitamin B3 3,75 mg
Vitamin B5 3,33 mg
Vitamin B6 0,83 mg
Vitamin B12 1,67 mcg
Vitamin D3 0,27 mcg
Folic acid 7,50 mcg
Biotin 5,42 mcg
L-lysine 9,17 mg
L-arginine 3,33 mg
L-cysteine 2,92 mg
Calcium 50,0 mg
Magnesium 3,5 mg
Potassium 16,7 mg
Zinc 0,58 mg
Manganese 0,11 mg
Copper 30,0 mcg
Selenium 1,67 mcg
Chromium 0,83 mcg
Molybdenum 0,34 mcg
Coenzyme Q10 0,58 mg
Citrus bioflavonoids 8,33 mg
Additional natural vitamin E
(Beta-, gamma- and delta-tocopherol)
0,62 mg
Additional natural carotenoids
(Alpha-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin and cryptoxanthin)
5,7 mcg


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