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Dr. Rath Vitamin D3 + K2 vegan 90 capsules

Dr. Rath Vitamin D3 + K2 vegan 90 capsules
Dr. Rath Vitamin D3 + K2 vegan 90 capsules Dr. Rath Vitamin D3 + K2 vegan 90 capsules
Brand: Dr. Rath Health Programs
Product Code: Dr. Rath Program
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The vegan complex with vitamin D3 + K2.

Vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 are fat-soluble vitamins that are indispensable for a healthy cell metabolism. They play a decisive role in many processes. Together they contribute to the preservation of normal bones. This is achieved through the regulation of calcium metabolism.

The main source of vitamin D is the human body itself. It is able to produce vitamin D through the skin from exposure to sunlight, provided that sufficient sun is available.

Vitamin K1, one of the two naturally occurring vitamin K forms, is mainly found in the leaves of various green plants. Vitamin K2, which is considered to be a more bioavailable form of vitamin K, is found mainly in fermented foods such as sauerkraut or fermented soy. Provided the intestinal balance is healthy, bacteria in the human gut can also make some contribution to vitamin K2 supply.

Dr. Rath Vitamin D3TM + K2 vegan

In Dr. Rath Vitamin D3TM + K2 vegan we only use vitamin forms that are highly bioavailable:

  • Vitamin D is found as cholecalciferol. Lichen is used as the plant source.
  • Vitamin K2 is found as MK-7 all-trans. It is obtained from nattō (fermented soybeans).
Vitamin D3 and K2 work hand in hand. Vitamin D3 promotes absorption of the mineral calcium (Ca2+), which is contained in food. Vitamin K2 helps the calcium to find its way to where it’s needed within the body.

Recommended allowance

Adults: 1 capsule once a day at mealtimes. Take with plenty of liquid (water, juice, tea).

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