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GREEN FOODS Wheat Flour 1kg

Product Code: WH231
Weight: 1,000.00gr
Price: €2.80
Ex Tax: €2.67
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Health Benefits : Wheat is a very good source of mineral salts, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, chlorine, arsenic, silicon, manganese, zinc, iodide, copper, vitamin B, vitamin E and ferments. Thereby, you can call wheat as the base foundation of nourishment. Issues like anemia, demineralization, gallstones, chronic inflammation, obesity, asthenia, tuberculosis, pregnancy problems and breastfeeding problems are smartly dealt by organic wheat. Wheat is also recommended in sterility. Furthermore, wheat is known to lower cholesterol.
Possible Allergies : For more information click here.
Instructions for Use : Can be used to make bread or cakes.
Storage Instructions : Keep in a dry place under 25°C
  GMO FREE, BIO/Organic Product Certification


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