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DXN Black Cumin (30 capsules x 350mg)

DXN Black Cumin (30 capsules  x 350mg)
Brand: DXN
Product Code: DXN012
Weight: 10.50gr
Price: €17.90
Ex Tax: €17.05
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 Black Cumin (Black Seed) is also known as Habbatul Barakah, "The Seed of Blessing".
- Originates and is widely used by people in the Middle East, ancient Egypt and India. 
- Specially formulated from selected quality of Black Cumin.
- Added with clove and black pepper to enhance its efficacy.
- Contains no artificial ingredients, no chemicals, preservatives or colourant.
- Suitable for all ages and highly recommended for senior citizens and children. 

Recently, modern researches showed that black cumin helped to regulate immune system. It is suitable to be taken for disorders caused by weakened or over-active immune system. The actual mechanism of black cumin in regulating immune system is still under investigation and yet to be concluded. However, many researches supported that thymoquinone, a major component found in the black cumin played an important role. This unique compound found in the black cumin is a powerful antioxidant that protects cell damage caused by free radicals.
There are also plenty of scientific studies being carried out on black cumin especially on its anti cancer, anti inflammation, anti microbial properties and diabetic control effect.

Ingredient : 
Nigella sativa, Piper nigrum, Eugenia caryophyllus.

Packaging size:
- 350mg x 30 capsules

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