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Bioresonance Therapy Devices

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Deta Elis Deinfo DeVita AP & RITM Programming Usb
DEINFO allows the practitioner to easily input new frequencies and therapy programmes onto their patients Deta-Elis. Product Description The DEVITA DEINFO USB is the new generation programming USB that replaced the older generation “Therapy 8.0″. The DEINFO allows you to programme the DEVITA
Ex Tax: €264.71
Deta Elis DEVITA AP 30
DEVITA AP 30 Therapy Device for Treating Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and Parasite The death of a parasite occurs when the resonant frequency matches that of the parasite in question. This is the phenomenon of bioresonance. The DEVITA AP device contains programmes with specific frequencies
Ex Tax: €503.36
Deta Elis DEVITA RITM 30
The DEVITA RITM 30 is the new generation device manufactured in Germany with a CE for “Wellness.” It is designed to resonate at the same frequency as healthy organs between 0.1 – 100 Hz in order to upregulate and optimize the functioning of all the organ systems.   Product Description
Ex Tax: €503.36