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Aloe Pura After Sun Lotion 200ml
Our Aloe Pura Organic Aloe Vera After Sun Lotion helps hydrate, moisturise, cool and protect the skin after exposure to the sun. We have combined organic Aloe Vera gel with extracts of Vitamin E, Avocado, Almond Oil, Chamomile and Lavender for optimum soothing and moisturising action. .
Ex Tax: €9.16
Aloe Pura Aloe Vera Gel with Vitamins A, C & E 200ML
Our Aloe Pura Aloe Vera Gel with Vitamins A, C & E is produced from pure organic aloe very inner gel, capturing the maximum nutritional activity of the aloe vera bardadensis plant. The soothing gel with added antioxidant vitamins A, C and E cleanses, softens and helps restore dry and damage
Ex Tax: €9.16
ALOE PURA ALOE VERA SKIN GEL 99.9% pure bio 200ml
Aloe Pura Aloe Vera Gel Our Aloe Pura Aloe Vera Gel moisturises, softens and helps hydrate dry and sensitive skin. Produced from pure organic Aloe Vera inner gel, capturing the maximum nutritional activity of the plant. It can be applied to stretch marks, scars, dry, chapped skin, sun burn,
Ex Tax: €9.16
RIVIERA Arnica Cream for bruises, sprains, and injuries 75ML
Arnica ointment with Elastin: The active substances of Arnica may be used to heal and sooth bruises, sprains, pulled ligaments , swellings and injuries. With the combination of Elastin, it may be successfully used as a cosmetic. Holzhacker Arnica ointment to sooth dry and irritated skin, after bat
Ex Tax: €13.45
RIVIERA Hippocastanea Cream for varices and phlebitis 75ML
Hippocastanea Cream Ξεκουράζει τα πόδια, βοηθά το κυκλοφορικό. Η πιο εύστοχη πρόταση ενάντια στις αποδυναμωμένες φλέβες και τα προβλήματα κυκλοφορικού. Ευεργετική για κιρσούς, ευρυαγγείες, φλεβίτιδες. Καταπραΰνει και ανακουφίζει πόνους και πρηξίματα των ποδιών από ορθοστασία. Απαλύνει τα
Ex Tax: €13.45
WELEDA Arnica Ointment 25gr
Bumps and Bruises Skin Salve 25g NEW NAME, BRAND NEW PACKAGING Product previously called Arnica Ointment For relief of muscular pain, stiffness and to help reduce swelling after minor bumps, bruises or sprains.   Bruise Treatment The active ingredient in arnica cream respon
Ex Tax: €8.50
WELEDA Calendula Face Cream 50ml
With its carefully selected formulation of beneficial ingredients, this gentle cream makes your baby's facial skin feel velvety soft. Skin friendly lanolin and organic almond oil protect and precious organic calendula extract helps soothe the skin. Can also be used as a gentle moisturiser for the
Ex Tax: €16.53