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Dr. Rath Health Programs

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Dr. Rath Zinc-Selenium Complex™ 60 tablets
The added benefit of an extra supply of trace elements. Zinc and selenium are trace elements. most trace elements are essential, and are therefore indispensable for maintaining life. Just like vitamins and other cellular nutrients, they
Ex Tax: €16.10
Dr. Rath's Femicell™
Reconstructive Formula containing cellular nutrients to support female hormonal balance. Women have a special requirement for nutrients, which may vary over the course of a lifetime. The reasons for this can be many and varied: psyc
Ex Tax: €26.57
Dr. Rath's ImmunoCell™
Reconstructive Formula with cellular nutrients for supporting the formation of blood and the immune system. ImmunoCell™ Our blood and our immune system are of fundamental significance for our health. Blood circulates everywhere in our
Ex Tax: €30.38
Dr. Rath's Lensivit™
Reconstructive Formula with cellular nutrients to support normal eyesight. Maintaining a normal eye function is of great value for our general health and well-being. The functions of cells building our eyes and those involved in the vi
Ex Tax: €24.00
Dr. Rath's LyCin™
The added benefit of an extra supply of the essential amino acid lysine and vitamin C. Connective tissue is a general term for the body’s connecting and supporting system. Connective tissue encloses the nerves, blood vessels and organs
Ex Tax: €35.14
Dr. Rath's VitaCforte™  90 tablets
for cases when vitamin C needs are greater VitaCforte™ is a daily nutritional supplement that provides important antioxidants and favours the formation of connective tissue. Product characteristics VitaCforte™ provides an extra dos
Ex Tax: €19.90
Dr. Rath's Vitacor Plus™ 90 tablets
Basic Formula for supplementing the daily diet — from adolescence to old age. Vitacor Plus™: A fundamental basic supply of selected micronutrients for promoting physical and mental performance. Micronutrients are of fundamental import
Ex Tax: €45.62
Dr. Rath's VitaKids™ 120 tablets
Cellular nutrient chewable tablets for all those who plan on doing something big! A balanced diet and supply of cellular nutrients is an important basis for a healthy development, vitality and well-being from childhood right through to a
Ex Tax: €27.43